The VIC 2017


Aliso June 19th

  Wednesday nice West Swell, North side of Aliso really steep offering really fun rights, and nice wraps both ways… Thanks to Lynn Tanattanawin for the pictures and Steve Taylor for submitting them. Riders: Axel Cristol, Curtis Hellegouarch, Hank Snapp…      


Aliso June 18th

  The slope on the south side has faded unfortunately, but the north side of the beach is nice and steep. Yesterday some competitors were riding in the morning and Steve Taylor snapped some pictures. Riders: Paddy Mack, Perry Wells, Sean malek      


First ever UST Pro Women Event

  The United Skim Tour (UST) officially anounced the launch of the first Pro women tour, and it will start with the 2013 VIC! For more info you can visit the UST Website    

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Aliso June 15th

A lot of people were at Aliso this Saturday morning, the slope is nearly perfect, little cloudy in the early morning but it cleared up which gives such better pictures! To mention some of the riders here: Paulo Prietto, Brandon Sears, Max Bourne, Wyatt Colen, Steve Taylor, Sam Dameshek, Johnny Atoe, Johnny Salta and many […]


Aliso June 12th

  As you can see on this picture, the slope is perfect at Aliso. All we need is swell if the slope stays like this! Multiple times VIC finalist Paulo Prietto and Matthieu Thibaud shared a little after work session. 2-3 ft swell, slight wind, some fun ones came through… Contest is still pretty far […]


Aliso June 10th

Big swells all weekend long usually damage the beach, but this time the slope held on! After a cloudy big weekend, this morning was perfectly clear and there was still some nice leftovers from the South Swell. Steve Taylor was there and submitted some pictures of Afonso Leme from Portugal, Perry Wells from North Carolina, […]

Deadlines to register

  Registrations are open on our online store! Sign up online now!   Registration Amateur Division ($50 before Sunday June 23rd Midnight // $75 after) Registration Professional Division ($100 before Sunday June 23rd Midnight // $125 after) (more…)

Aliso June 4th

Good slope, works good from MID tide to LOW Tide, nice shape! We are hoping that it stays like this for the contest! r: Johnny Atoe // p: Carly Haines


Aliso May 23rd

Aliso has been really good this week, solid South-West swell, very good slop and perfect tide… Pros were present!

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