The VIC 2017

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Pre VIC warmup

The VIC contest is quickly approaching and Aliso is looking pretty promising


VIC 2015 Schedule

Contest will start SATURDAY MORNING AT 8AM with the 8 and under division. Then we will run the Amateur age divisions from youngest to oldest. That being said, the biggest divisions are the Professional Women and Men. These divisions will be run at the best tide, swell and wind conditions, which is unpredictable until the day […]


Spot Check

Saturday before the contest Tex Report: Cool, a bit windy, small down the liner waves. Fun Though! :)


Priority System

Purpose: To eliminate the problem of 3 or 4 riders going at the same time. It is nearly impossible to judge fairly for Three or Four man heats.   Two are up and either can go. First with priority will be the first two on the heat sheet. Other two riders are on deck. Third on […]