The VIC 2017

Spot Check May 31

The last Victoria Saturday Session was at Aliso. Nice middle size swell gave the riders great skimming conditions. The contest is in less than one month and we hope to get  the same conditions or even better! Thanks to the photographers Carly Haines and Taylor Osborn

 P: Carly Haines

IMG_9731 copy IMG_9753 copy IMG_9833 copy IMG_9836 copy IMG_9839 copy IMG_9842 copy


P: Taylor Osborn

TOVP_Aliso Skim_20140531_0026 copy TOVP_Aliso Skim_20140531_0172 copy TOVP_Aliso Skim_20140531_0210 copy TOVP_Aliso Skim_20140531_0465 copy